The Best Restaurant in the World Is: Disney's Epcot Theme Park

Caity Weaver · 04/30/15 11:10AM

For the past year, Rich Juzwiak and Caity Weaver have scoured New York in search of the city’s greatest restaurant. This spring, the authors expanded their quest into a global hunt: the search for the Best Restaurant in the World. Due to time and budget constraints, it was determined that the most efficient method to travel the world would be via the World Showcase in Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park, where 11 distinct nations are represented by themed architecture, shops, costumes, and restaurants. The authors would spend four full days in Epcot, taking one meal in each of the 11 countries represented, plus surrendering a disastrous afternoon to a marathon drinking challenge. In between meals, they would explore the park itself.